Deer Hunting

$3000 – base fee for 3 days & 3 nights

$500 – trophy fee up to 140″, then $200/inch up to 180″ B&C

  • 140″ = $3,500
  • 145″=$4,500
  • 150″=$5,500
  • 155″=$6,500
  • 160″=$7,500
  • 165″=$8,500
  • 170″=$9,500
  • 175″=$10,500
  • 180″=$11,500

$300/inch above 180″ B&C

  • 185″=$13,000
  • 190″=$14,500
  • 195″ = $16,000
  • 200″ = $17,500

Wounding Policy

If a deer is shot at and wounded (i.e. blood, hair, meat or bone is found), it is the responsibility of the hunter to pay the appropriate kill fees. All hunts are video taped and the gross score of the animal will be estimated from video by Briar Lakes Ranch representatives. Every effort will be made to locate wounded game. If the buck is found at a later date, the antlers will be gross scored and the kill fee will be adjusted to the actual score. The antlers will then be sent to the hunter.

Opportunity Fee

If a deer is shot at and determined by Briar Lakes Ranch representatives as having been missed, you will be charged an opportunity fee of $500 if the deer is Silver or less (< 145 gross) or $1,000 if the buck is Gold or Platinum level (145+ gross). If a buck is taken later in the hunt, this opportunity fee will be applied to the kill fees of the buck taken.

Weapons Policy

All hunters will be required to shoot either their rifles or bows under the supervision of Briar Lakes Ranch representatives before being allowed to hunt. We have excellent rifle and bow ranges on the ranch. If your rifle or bow is not functioning properly, you will not be allowed to hunt with them. Practice with your weapon before arriving to insure proper function and accuracy.